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Snow Plowing, Snow Removal and Salting Services

The level of service in the snow removal business can be very different from one company to the next. For example, one company might offer a low contract price but there's a limit to how much service you get. During a very cold spell even 2 inches of snow can create a thin layer of ice especially on shady driveways and walkways. Knowing the type and number of pieces of equipment your contractor has will help you, the home or business owner, make a smart choice when it comes to selecting a snow removal contractor.

Tractor Snow Blowers are the preferred method, especially for residential accounts. Front Loaders are mostly used on Commercial Properties, and some residential situations. Walk Behind Snow Blowers work when you have decorative surfaces, like Dura Stone that can be scratched. So have a contractor who meets your requirements for clearing your driveway, your walkway and your entries.

Walkways and Entries get packed down and ice becomes a big problem. It seems to work best when the company that does the driveway also provides shoveling services. A package deal from Image Pros Asphalt & Concrete Maintenance, Inc. is going to be your best value. We concentrate on providing service to the residents and business owners that need to get out immediately and then we take care of the non-occupied homes and businesses the next day.

So a little homework and call Image Pros Asphalt & Concrete Maintenance, Inc. about their complete offering of snow removal services before you sign a contract with another snow removal contractor - it can mean the difference between a hassle free winter and one big hassle!


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